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Company Culture

  Management system   The company has set up carriers of BRP administrative system, relies on ISO9001 quality management system, merging the modernized management system " people first", makes company culture "green environmental protection" merging into it; At the same time, the company also set up office automated system and advanced land area network system, realized integrating, modernized management from design, measuring, installation, after-sale service of products to the logistics of the production scene, ensuring our whole fast rhythm , high-efficient working progress.
  Products system  As a modern hi-tech enterprise dedicating to development, design, manufacture, sales of products, project design, installation and service, Zhenxin Hualong always pays attention to efficient and energy-saving of products, makes “green environment protection” as tenet, occupying the center-controlling air conditioners field in an all-round way from the small-scale family type center-controlling air conditioner to air-cooled module unit, water-cooling unit, the heat pump unit of water source and air conditioner end equipment.
  ZXHL Products:
  ◎Air-cooled water-cooled(water-heated) unit: Air-cooled module unit, air-cooled screw unit
  ◎Water-cooled screw〈piston〉cold water unit
  ◎Water source heat pump type water-cooled (water-heater) unit
  ◎Evaporating type water-cooled air conditioner
  ◎Pipeline type air conditioner
  ◎"Xiaolongren" door type center-controlling air conditioners
  ◎Products of air processor
  ◎Serial products of air blower scroll

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